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Podgorica, Podgorica, Montenegro

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Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is the Capital of Montenegro and the country’s largest city. Located at the very center of the country, it is a perfect place to settle if one wants to explore its charms, but the rest of the country as well. The long and tempestuous history of Podgorica is marked with many ground-shaking cataclysms, a history best described in the five unique names the city has borne throughout the millennia. Podgorica’s remarkable history reads like a journey through the ages, and this turbulent history has left its mark on the infrastructure, the way of life and the local population.  

The ‘Old Lady’ as Podgorica is known locally stands proudly among the confluence of two fertile planes (Bjelopavlicka and Zetska) and is surrounded by mountains (Vranjska Gora 85m, Ljubovic 101m, Gorica 130m, Dajbabska Gora 172m, Malo Brdo 205m, Hum 276m, Vranjina 303m ...)  These two fertile valleys are cut through by no less than five rivers, including the Zeta, Sitnica, Ribnica, and Cijevna which flow into the Moraca and into Lake Skadar.

Lake Skadar, located between Podgorica and the sea, the region’s varied height above sea-level, the relief of the land, and other factors in the region’s geographical makeup, all have created the conditions for a sub-Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very hot summers. Podgorica is located 44 meters (145 feet) above sea level and just a hundred or so kilometers (about sixty miles) from well-known seaside resorts and attractive winter sports centers, including those in Bar, Budva, Herceg-Novi, Kolašin, etc..

Sozina tunnel allows travelers to leave Podgorica and reach the Adriatic coast in just half an hour's drive. Construction in Podgorica and surrounding areas is proceeding at such a pace that almost daily the foundations of the new buildings are being laid.  New cultural, scientific institutions, modern roads (especially bridges), business centers, promenades, schools, hospitals, monuments, hotels and restaurants, and sports facilities are springing up almost overnight. It is justifiable to say that today's Podgorica is the unquestionable commercial, administrative, cultural, financial, business, transport, and service center of the country of Montenegro.

One of the modern symbols of Podgorica is the largest bridge to span the Moraca River appropriately called The Millennium Bridge which dominates the skyline of the city.

With its famous grape brandy, even more, famous wines (from the largest vineyard in Europe with unique wine cellars), impressive cultural monuments and of course the famous ‘Old Podgorica’ humor, bohemian characters, and beautiful women, Podgorica truly has something to share with its visitors.