Investing in Montenegro

Located at the very heart of the Mediterranean, Montenegro has become one of the hottest spots and ‘must-visit’ destinations in Europe. Rising popularity among international travelers, second-home buyers and investors has made Montenegro a very attractive investment market.


Montenegro is a relatively young and small country, but abundant in natural beauty. Strategically located, only 2 hours flight from major European cities, Montenegro is very popular as tourist and second-home destination. Having in mind that many international air companies nowadays fly direct flights to either Podgorica or Tivat airports, Montenegro is easily reachable at any time of the year.

Map of some direct flights to Podgorica


Montenegro’s economy is currently one of the most vibrant and dynamic in the whole Balkan region. Formerly ‘the poorest’ of all Yugoslav republics, the economy grew constantly since country's independence in 2006 and now has a GDP per capita surpassing those of Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite being small in land size, Montenegro has an impressive natural heritage, an open approach to economy within a business-friendly environment which has attracted a number of Foreign Direct Investments such as major real estate investments in the Adriatic region. Service industries, being the main driver for the economy, have generated minimal ecological impact and have complemented Montenegro’s natural beauty.


Montenegro is noted to be very stable and safe country. It became a member of NATO in 2017 and is on its way to joining the European Union. Overall quality of life has improved drastically over the past decade and the country now offers an extremely friendly business climate. Very important to mention is that the foreign investors enjoy the same treatment as the domestic ones.

The new Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program was launched in early 2019 and since then the interest in the country grew even more. The CIP program will accept up to 2.000 applicants and will close on December 31st, 2021. You can find a detailed overview of the program here.


One of the things Montenegro is mostly known for is its wild beauty. With spectacular landscapes, rugged mountains and stunning coast and beaches, Montenegro has something for everyone. It is a perfect destination for outdoor adventure with its five national parks. Mild climate, 270 sunny days per year and beautiful nature make Montenegro a perfect home destination.