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Why Invest in a RE/MAX Franchise

RE/MAX Brand

There are many real estate international companies in the world, however, only one can use the slogan: Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX
Indeed, there are many more, but RE/MAX is the most recognized brand in the real estate industry. It is the largest network of real estate realtors in the world, and for so many years the No. 1 name in the industry.
However, it is a brand that does not replace your name, rather RE/MAX is adding its prestigious brand next to yours, because the broker/owners and agents are those who made the RE/MAX brand so powerful. Once you join, you do not lose your own identity, you make it stronger and more visible!


Being part of such a large network, gives RE/MAX unprecedented marketing power. RE/MAX is able to raise the funds through its network of franchises to follow all marketing trends, and to set standards in the industry.
Our marketing teams around the globe are constantly thinking of the ways to create RE/MAX more visible and more recognizable giving you the support needed to succeed in such a competitive industry.


One of the biggest advantages of RE/MAX is its focus on its people. That is proved through constant training through our online University and courses which are held by the most prestigious trainers in the industry. 
If you do not have a previous experience in the real estate industry, but you have determination and motivation to learn and succeed – just join RE/MAX, because we will train you and use your motivation to help you change your life.


For Brokers/Owners to succeed, they need constant influx of high-quality people to keep the office on the high level. RE/MAX has the right tools to attract and train the best people in the industry.
You can find more information on joinremax.com and see all testimonials from our colleagues from the industry.
The best agents around the world will always aim to be part of those who are the leaders,and our Broker/Owners are those benefiting the most.
If you are own a real estate business, and interested in becoming part of our network, let us know: send an e-mail