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City kvart - Podgorica - Монтенегро
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The most representative residential and business project of the Čelebić company and the vision of the Company that was realized in the period from 2006-2016.

City district is one of the few residential and business complexes in Podgorica that has been carefully planned, designed and finally built. Today, the City Zone is recognizable as one of the most attractive in the Capital for housing and business.

The city zone existed only as an idea. But a fantastic idea that the then Podgorica could get a modern shopping center and a residential complex modeled on the arranged European neighborhoods. 

It took months of design, preparation, a lot of people and enthusiasm to overcome the sentimental notion of shutting down factories in that place, and to build the complex that Podgorica and Montenegrins love today, where they prefer to live.

20 buildings were built within the City zone. The fact that, out of almost one thousand two hundred and fifty housing units, only a few were sold after the completion of the construction speaks best about the trust we have built with customers. The apartments have mostly been sold during construction. Also, in the same zone, in addition to residential buildings, the following were built: the largest shopping center in Montenegro - Delta City, gas station CMC, Super Voli, as well as City Mall with business tower, a new shopping and business center owned by Celebic company.

Today, we can proudly say that we have created a zone in which very profitable businesses are concentrated, from smaller families, through serious international companies. In the City quarter, there are over ninety catering facilities in which a large number of people gather, mostly residents of the neighborhood but also residents of all Podgorica settlements.

Prices of real estate in City kvart

City Kvart and the areas around the Delta shopping center are not losing their attractiveness, and despite the construction of new apartments, this year there was no drop in price, but an increase in the average of 100 € / m2. The most expensive apartment sold in City Quarter is a studio, which was paid 1,750 € / m2, while the lowest selling price was 1,450 € / m2. The reason for this is still the excellent rent return that attracts investment buyers. With the completion of new projects in the vicinity of the City Quarter, and thus new units on the rental market, the price of apartments will stabilize, if there is no slight decline.
As for rent, the price of one - bedroom, furnished apartment is around 350 eur. For two bedroom apartment, the price would be from 400 - 450 eur, depending of the furniture quality.  
Kristina Ivanovic Kristina Ivanovic Dzordza Vasingtona 114
Podgorica, Podgorica, Монтенегро

Kristina Ivanovic

EUR Монтенегро RE/MAX RE/MAX Capital Podgorica Dzordza Vasingtona 114
Podgorica, Podgorica, Монтенегро


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Kristina Ivanovic Kristina Ivanovic Dzordza Vasingtona 114
Podgorica, Podgorica, Монтенегро

Dzordza Vasingtona 114
Podgorica, Podgorica, Монтенегро
EUR Монтенегро RE/MAX RE/MAX Capital Podgorica

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